University of Southern Georgia Goes Solar

June 20, 2014

Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA, has gone SOLAR!!!   The university is outfitting 25 of its electric maintenance and campus transport vehicles (golf carts) with our 100-Watt Bolt-On Solar Kits to its fleet of 48v ClubCar and EZ-GO.  Through the continued support of one of our elite dealers, Solar-Sphere, Kris & Russell put in lot of effort to help GSU to make their campus go solar. 

Not only will GSU save on daily energy cost and consumption, but the solar kits will help drive the vehicles a longer distance between charging.  Longer distance and plug-in utility savings also equals a tremendous increase battery life from the current 18-24 months by up to and over 60 months.  This will help save the university an approximate cost of $600-800 on replacement batteries per vehicle while, keeping them in service longer, sustaining and extending their current resources without the need for costly annual to bi-annual battery replacement.

Thank you from the Solar EV Systems Group and Solar-Sphere for the continued efforts to Solar Power Electric Vehicles!