Solar EV Systems / Helios Chargers


We introduced solar charging systems for the Electric Vehicles and Golf Carts in 2009.  Industry leading products, proprietary technology and in-house design has allowed Solar EV Systems to be at the frontier of solar system for golf carts and LSV's.  We started as Helios Chargers in 2009 in Gainesville, Florida and have now grown and rebranded into Solar EV Systems.  Our products are manufactured, assembled and shipped from both  Port St. Lucie & Gainesville, Florida.  

Solar EV Systems has a hands-on approach with both its customers and authorized dealers.  We personally interact the with the end user for their solar needs to provide the best solution to each customer and through our dealers.  Every project is individually assembled, tested and shipped with the principles of the company working with the SolarEV staff in the production & shipping facility. 

All of our solar roofs are made at our in-house welding facility and all custom brackets are engineered and hand-made for each vehicle to ensure 100% quality and fit.